🌄The Exploration

EGMC's continued mining discoveries

After The Ethereum Gold Mining Company's initial success in finding a lucrative mine and establishing operations, the ambitious and adventurous founders were not content to rest on their laurels. Their vision extended beyond the first mine, and they were determined to keep expanding, creating more opportunities for their miners and shareholders.

The expedition pressed on, leading to the discovery of numerous other highly profitable mines. These mines yielded a wide variety of extraordinary and valuable minerals, further fueling the company's growth and success. These mines, known as the 'Partner Mines,' revealed a treasure trove of exotic and unique minerals, including some that had never been unearthed by miners before. EGMC establishes operations and opens these 'Partner Mines' in a number of ways: 1. If a project is already established, EGMC will buy some of their supply and distribute to our holders for participating in the 'Partner Mines'. Those projects will also get the chance to add supply of their own to our 'Partner Mine'.

2. If a project is new and is looking to gain exposure, that project will have to pay us a fee and provide all the supply to their 'Partner Mine' in order to gain exposure to our holders, who can 'mine' their token completely for free.

3. If a project is already established, and we form an official long-term partnership, they will get the 'EGMC Golden Stamp of Approval' as well as creating their own 'Partner Mine'. Projects meeting the criteria for the 'EGMC Golden Stamp of Approval' will gain additional advantages in the future once 'The Investment Fund' becomes fully operational.

Projects that open a 'Partner Mine' benefit in a number of different ways: 1. Increased exposure and awareness through Logo, Description, Social Links up on our website, and all other supporting platforms. 2. Increased amount of new holders. 3. Improved distribution. 4. Provide existing holders with the opportunity to increase their token holdings by buying 'Tools' and participating in the 'Partner Mine', whilst diversifying their investment portfolios. "Rather than allocating supply to influencers and maintaining centralisation among a select few, projects can attain an equivalent level of exposure by distributing supply to a broader, decentralised audience." - James W. Marshall

Our holders who participate in 'Partner Mines' will always benefit, as they will be able to use their existing 'Tools' to accumulate tokens from other projects completely for free. The 'Partner Mines' will be capped by 'Mining Power' and 'Total Miners', therefore our miners will always accumulate a substantial amount from any 'Partner Mine' that they manage to enter.

All of the fees collected from the 'Partner Mines' will get re-invested back into 'The Mine' and the 'The Company' to further fuel the EGMC ecosystem.

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