🛣️The Roadmap

$EGMC Roadmap

1.Preparation - Ethereum Expedition

Pre-sale Event

Capital Raising

Token Distribution to Participants

Launch of Company Website, Documentation, and Pre-sale Portal

2.Exploration - Ethereum Mine Discovery

Listing on Crypto Marketplaces (CMC, CG)

Token Generation Event (TGE)

Building a Telegram Community with 500+ Members

Deployment on Uniswap

Release of Decentralised Application (dApp)

Strategic Marketing Efforts and Achieving Trending Status

3.Establishment - Ethereum Gold Mining Operations

Activation of the dApp

Commencement of Mining Activities

Opening Membership for Shareholders

Growing the Telegram Community to Over 1000 Members

Expanding Marketing Efforts to Include YouTube, Achieving Trending Status, and Additional Exchange Listings

4.Acquisitions - Ethereum Gold Mining Investment Fund

Alpha Phase

To Be Announced (TBA) Initiatives

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