✉️Letter from the Founders

A historic message from the pioneers behind EGMC.

To whom it may concern,

We have put in an incredible amount of thought and time to develop and build something truly unique. And yes, this is one of the handful of projects that can say that they are truly unique right now.

We are providing value in a number of different ways to everyone involved in the $EGMC ecosystem:

1. 'The Mine' - Miners can benefit from earning rewards in $ETH, $EGMC and many other tokens (TBA), simply by purchasing Tools that are everlasting!

2. 'The Company' - Shareholders can earn passive income in $EGMC, and claimable auto-liquidity, as well as trade their NFTs on any secondary marketplace. There will also be further benefits to being a Shareholder (TBA)

All of the rewards are real, and created by re-distributing taxes, and revenue. And the mechanism and tokenomics behind it are completely unique.

What gets me even more excited about this project, is 3. 'The Exploration' section:

This allows for $EGMC to partner with other projects (established, and new) and give them the opportunity to create their own 'Partner Mines'. By doing this, other projects will be able to gain exposure, and they will also be able to increase their holder count, and improve their token distribution.

Our 'Miners' will be able to enter the 'Partner Mines' for free with the tools that they already have, and mine other tokens.

What we have in mind with the 'Partner Mines' is mind-blowing, if I can be frank with you. We will give our holders the chance to accumulate tokens of already established projects, as well as giving new 'alpha' projects the chance to get access to our holders!

And our holders will always benefit, as they will be able to accumulate other tokens for free!

At first, we will collaborate on different levels with projects:

1. If a project is already established, we will buy some of their supply and distribute to our holders for participating in the 'Partner Mines'. Those projects will also get the chance to add supply of their own to our 'Partner Mine'.

2. If a project is new and is looking to gain exposure, that project will have to pay us a fee and provide all the supply to their 'Partner Mine' in order to gain exposure to our holders, who can 'mine' their token completely for free.

3. If a project is already established, and we form an official long-term partnership, they will get the 'EGMC Golden Stamp of Approval' as well as creating their own 'Partner Mine'.

Fees from partnerships will also be re-distributed back to 'Shareholders' and some will go towards being re-invested in 'The Mine'.

4. 'The Investment Fund' is something that will come later down the line in the project's lifecycle and that's where the 'EGMC Golden Stamp of Approval' gets even more interesting... and holders and Shareholders alike will have further benefits.

$EGMC is the Alpha!

And what I have been trying to say and re-iterate is that 'This is the one'.

Yours sincerely, James W. Marshall

The Ethereum Gold Mining Company

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