🪨The Mine

The lucrative EGMC Mine

'The Mine' is the bedrock of the EGMC ecosystem, delivering a sustainable, long-term passive income stream to all miners.

Within the Ethereum Gold Mining Company's bountiful mine, 'Miners' were granted a unique opportunity to extract not only gold but also silver riches. To partake in this profitable endeavour, 'Miners' needed access to top-notch 'Mining Tools', and EGMC supplied them with the finest equipment available.

The mine was rich with two principal ores:

  1. "Gold" extracted from the mine symbolised the $ETH rewards, which were collected from the $EGMC taxes.

  2. "Silver" represented $EGMC rewards, which were reinvested back into the mine through the sales of 'Mining Tools'.

This symbiotic relationship between gold, silver, miners, and tools formed the backbone of EGMC's prosperous operations, ensuring both short-term gains and long-term sustainability.

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