⛏️Mining Tools

The 'Mining Tools' for 'Miners'

'Tools' are an investment in the entire $EGMC ecosystem. They are not only used for 'The Mine', but 'The Exploration' as well, as other features that will come later on.

'Tools' are wallet-bound. They cannot be sold.

Within the Ethereum Gold Mining Company's operations, three exceptional tools emerged as the undisputed champions of mining rewards. These top-notch tools were hailed as the most efficient and effective means of extracting riches from the mine's depths. Miners quickly recognised their value and relied on them to maximise their rewards during the Gold Rush frenzy.

  1. The 'Railroad' pick

— mining power: 5

— price: 184.80 $EGMC

  1. The 'Pole' pick

— mining power: 10

— price: 351.12 $EGMC

  1. The 'Mattock'

— mining power: 50

— price: 1,663.20 $EGMC

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