💰$EGMC Explained

$EGMC Explained:

Taxes are 5/5

- 50% go to 'The Mine'

- 30% go to 'Claimable Auto-Liquidity'

- 20% go to 'Marketing'

The Mine

- The Mine is filled with “GOLD” ($ETH from Taxes) and “SILVER” ($EGMC from Tools sales)

- Miners can buy Tools with $EGMC that give them the opportunity to mine and earn a share of the ‘The Mine’

Tools and Mining

- Tools are NOT NFTs - they are bound to the Miner’s wallet

- Each Tool has Mining power and is activated immediately

- The amount the user mines from ‘The Mine’ is equal to User’s Mining Power / Total Mining Power

- 60% of Tools sales go to ‘Shareholders’ + 40% of Tools sales gets re-invested back into the Mine as ‘SILVER’


- To be a Shareholder, you need to hold a ‘Shareholder Certificate’ (these are tradable NFTs)

- There will be a total of 1000 Shareholder NFTs.

- They will be released in batches of 100.

- The starting price is 0.05 ETH and with each subsequent shareholder the price will rise by 0.005 ETH.

- Shareholders get ‘Passive Income’ as they receive 60% of Tools sales at all times.

- Shareholders also receive a ‘Portion of the Liquidity’, which they can choose to claim or leave in the liquidity pool to help the project.

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