🧭The Company

The EGMC Board of Directors

The immensely profitable and accomplished Ethereum Gold Mining Company (EGMC) bestowed incredible wealth upon its shareholders. By acquiring and retaining a "Shareholder Certificate," these investors secured a % of the proceeds generated from EGMC's 'Mining Tools' salesβ€”a windfall that proved astonishing during the Gold Rush frenzy.

In addition to their share in 'Mining Tools' sales, EGMC's shareholders enjoyed access to the liquidity of the company, which was continuously bolstered by the returns from $EGMC taxes. This liquidity was theirs to claim at their discretion, offering them both the option to access immediate wealth or contribute to the company's ongoing success by retaining it within the liquidity pool. This dual benefit ensured that EGMC shareholders not only prospered but also played a vital role in sustaining the company's triumph during this extraordinary era.

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